Message from RRS Parent Steering Group

As you know, Saltley Academy is working toward the Rights Respecting School (RRS) Gold Award and over the next couple of months; parents who are part of the RRS Steering Group will be giving their perspective on the Articles, which are included in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Below is their first contribution…

Article 29 – Goals of Education – Education should help children to become well rounded people and develop respect for the people and world around them. As parents, we can all encourage children to develop respect for their parents, their own cultural identity, language and values; for the values of the country in which we are living, the country from which we originate, and for cultures different from our own.

Romanian translation

Dupa cum stiti, Saltley Academy incearca sa castige medalia de aur la Rights Respecting School RRS (Scoala care respecta drepturile) in urmatoarele cateva luni; parintii care sunt parte din RRS vor primi articolele respective care sunt incluse in Conventia Natiunilor Unite despre Drepturile Copiilor (UNCRC). Ce urmeaza este prima contributie …

Articolul 29 – Telul Educatiei. Educatia, ar trebui sa ajute copiii sa devina oameni adevarati si sa invete ca trebuie sa respecte oamenii si lumea din jurul lor. Ca parinti, noi putem incuraja copiii sa isi respecte parintii, cultura lor nativa, limba lor si valorile individuale, ca si cele ale tarii in care noi locuim, ale tarii lor de origine, si cultura altor persoane care poate fi diferita de a noastra.


Article 13 – Freedom of Expression


Every child has the right to express their thoughts and opinions and to access all kinds of information, as long as it is within the law. We should encourage our children to enjoy this right through taking part in debate forums within school, which encourages children to discuss various topics that range from personal, social/political, economic or international concerns.


Forums such as these promote healthy debate to raise awareness and encourage leadership and oratorical skills. Parent of Year 9, 8 & 7 Students


Article 17:- Access to information from the media.


Having access to accurate, reliable and age appropriate media is every child’s right. As parents, we need to raise awareness and recognition as to what constitutes “fake news”. Having awareness as to what political affiliations, if any, various media houses and outlets have and the roles they play within the industry and society at large. A child should have awareness as to operations of the various media outlets; for example, to know the difference between broadsheet and tabloid newspapers and their respective reader base and possible agendas.


We should encourage our children to confidently engage in critical debate and analysis, to question the context and narrative, where appropriate, in order to further nurture their understanding and depth of social policies of the society in which they live, and the impact they may have on them as an individual. We need to make sure that our children have access to information to help them confidently report any issues of concern that they may have whilst accessing media information. Steering Group Parent