Pathways (KS4 Curriculum)


At Saltley Academy, we are committed to ensuring that students have a broad and engaging curriculum to meet their individual needs, helping them secure outstanding achievements and preparing them to be outstanding learners and citizens. We are committed to providing students with an experience which provides them with the breadth of knowledge and skills that enable them to reach their full potential academically as well as culturally, socially, morally and spiritually. This means that while they study the full National Curriculum in Key Stage 3, they will have the opportunity to study their Key Stage 4 courses in more depth from year 9.

At Key Stage 4 Dimension days also form part of our planned curriculum and allow students to learn about a variety of topics in a different way to normal lessons. They include themed days, for example in year 10 Shakespeare : A Christmas Carol, which includes a performance and workshops with character role play and analysis.

In year 9 and 10 all students continue to have a 20 minute reading and literacy session, four times per week with the exception of those students who have been the option to study Latin in this time. During year 11, this time will be given to students as private study time, where they complete revision activities for their upcoming exams.

All students take their GCSE in English Literature at the end of year 10. This allows students to experience completing one GCSE on it’s own, before completing the remaining 10 GCSEs at the end of year 11.
As part of our commitment to a broad and engaging curriculum, all students will study and sit exams in the following subjects in year 11, with all students taking part in Core PE until the end of year 11:
GCSE English Language
GCSE Mathematics
GCSE Citizenship
Computing Creative iMedia (Cambridge National Certificate)
GCSE Combined Science

Just before Easter in year 8, students are taken through the options process. Each student is carefully chosen the right pathway and option choices based on current attainment data, KS2 scores, attitudes to learning and reading age. Every student receives a one-to-one interview with a member of the senior leadership team to discuss their allocated pathway and subsequent subject choices. The Saltley Key Stage 4 non-compulsory subjects are:
GCSE Chemistry
GCSE Biology
GCSE Physics
GCSE Art & Design
GCSE Drama
GCSE Food preparation and Nutrition
GCSE Geography
GCSE History
GCSE Media Studies
GCSE Music
GCSE Physical Education
GCSE Spanish
ASDAN Level 1 Award of Personal Effectiveness (AoPE)

For further information on what each subject entails, the course content including how it is assessed and information on course materials and revision guides, please click on the subjects above.

There are five pathways and our priority is to ensure students complete the pathway most appropriate for them. We want to ensure every student has as many opportunities open to them as possible when they leave us. We have a strong belief in EBACC subjects and believe that studying a humanities subject and a modern foreign language at GCSE will open doors for our students. The pathways offer:

Red – Triple science (higher), History or Geography, MFL
Blue – Combined Science, History or Geography, MFL, option choice
Green – Triple science (foundation), Humanity or MFL, option choice
Orange – Combined Science, Humanity or MFL, option choice
Yellow – Certificate in Science (incl. GCSE Chemistry), ASDAN, option choice


For further information on the individual subjects listed below, ie the course content, how they are assessed and for information of course materials and revision guides, please click on the relevant links: