STEM Updates

STEM Vision at Saltley Academy:

To create a first class STEM education for all young people at Saltley Academy, which is supported by a unique partnership of Government, charitable trusts and employers.  To raise our students engagement and achievement in STEM subjects and highlight STEM career opportunities with them. Our students will have the aspiration, knowledge and skills to thrive, with more progressing into STEM-related careers. To transform our students into knowledgeable, talented people with strong STEM skills, increasing productivity, competitiveness and diversity in the workplace. Teachers of all STEM subjects continually develop their STEM knowledge, skills and experience, hence maximizing their impact and own job satisfaction. Families and communities, as important stakeholders, recognise the value of STEM and encourage and support their children in STEM-related studies and careers. To create a wide array of high-quality, culturally relevant STEM learning experiences for every child and young person at Saltley Academy. These will include in-house events, external local and national events and out of school learning experiences and opportunities for international residential visits. As a result, our students will have a sense of belonging in STEM and have access to lifelong learning pathways that extend beyond their traditional curriculum.  

Spring Term One 2021 Assembly –