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Welcome to our Academy website. We hope you find it useful and, if you are new to us, that it will make you excited about the special place that is Saltley Academy.

This opening statement is prepared by the Head of Academy, the Head Girl, the Head Boy and their deputies on behalf of the whole Academy community.

We are proud not just of our examination results, but also our commitment to valuing each individual, celebrating all the cultures of our city and country and being the best we can be.

Saltley Academy Vision Statement

Our ‘Academy Pledge’ as a Rights Respecting School:

Saltley Academy is founded on the principle of all respecting the dignity and rights of each and every individual. Respectful relationships are at the core of this learning community, which will enable our young people to respect all whom they meet and to understand and develop the skills they need to embrace the responsibilities of being an outstanding learner and an active, contributing and content citizen.

The follow vision statement was written by the combined work of staff and students. It was last reviewed by the Year 11 prefects in November 2016.

Saltley Academy: Be Outstanding.

Saltley Academy will provide outstanding learning opportunities for all the members of our Academy community in a safe and caring environment, in which they all feel that they belong, have a voice and are treated equally. Being a member of Saltley Academy will transform the lives of everyone in our Academy community: students, staff and families. We will work alongside other schools and institutions, so we can inspire outstanding, life-long learners, who are taught and guided by the inspirational staff here.


With the skills and personal qualities that are required for a happy and successful life and career, Saltley Academy will prepare our young people for adult life, as respectful and responsible citizens in multi-cultural Britain. In a school where real success is recognised and celebrated, Saltley will have the highest expectations of every individual’s academic progress and personal standards, where we all encourage each other to believe in what we can achieve. Providing every opportunity possible for all members of the Academy, we aim to be a shining example of excellence in teaching and learning.


Developing the best qualities in our Academy community, all of us will develop our ability to be enthusiastic, positive, creative, respectful and honest individuals. Encouraging the key skills of confidence, communication and collaboration, our young people will thrive as disciplined, resilient independent learners, who are responsible for their learning and behaviour. Our young people will know that they have the support and guidance of our dedicated staff, who will inspire them to reach their true potential, and who will help them to excel in all they do.

Mr P. Weir – (Head of Academy)