Thank you for your interest in Saltley Academy. We have the following vacancies due to the fact our Academy is expanding.

Put simply, when people come to Saltley, no matter what their role, they feel supported and valued. As with all the schools in our Trust, we are committed to meaningful, high quality professional development and support. All new staff will have a ‘buddy’ and all will feel the benefit of joining ‘the family’ as we often call it. The best way to understand it is to come and see it, but the following anonymous quotes from our MAT staff survey give you a flavour.

MAT’s Staff Quotes:

“I feel like working here is like family”.

“Having become part of the trust has really benefitted Saltley and the sharing and networking with colleagues has been excellent and I have learnt and developed well professionally. It’s a great MAT to work for and I feel we are allowed to still have our own identity but at the same time have the support and backing of excellent schools in the MAT”.

“I’m glad I am still part of this academy and appreciate all the academy does for me and our students”.

“Saltley Academy is a great place to work, the head is very supportive”.

“The school/ academy is a great place to work – the people here are fantastic”.

“Saltley is a great place of work and that’s why I came back to work here”.

“I am excited about the Academy’s new initiatives and its journey to achieve these goals”.

“My Headteacher is someone who supports their staff and genuinely has their best interests at heart”.

“Clear aims and objectives where anyone wanting to buy into the vision has a real opportunity to flourish and drive us forward”.

“I enjoy working at Saltley Academy”.

“Saltley Academy is a pleasant place to work. We are constantly getting positive feedback from visitors and trainees”.