“Outstanding, resilient and loving”
“Outstanding, resilient and loving”
“Outstanding, resilient and loving”
“Outstanding, resilient and loving”
“Outstanding, resilient and loving”
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Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to our new website. We hope you find it useful and, if you are new to us, that it will make you excited about the special place that is Saltley Academy. We are proud not just of our examination results, but also our commitment to valuing each individual/pupil, celebrating all the cultures of our city and country and being the best we can...
A message from Mr P White, Head of School

Latest News & Tweets

Latest News


@saltleyacademy - 9 May
Saltley pupils having fun during a rewards trip in school. https://t.co/feC4kKYVKv
@saltleyacademy - 4 May
Advice for parents and carers on group chats. https://t.co/fy5UxnNgQV
@saltleyacademy - 29 Apr
England Cricketer Lauren Bell visited Saltley Academy today and gave a wonderful coaching session, as well as an insight into being a professional sportswomen.  https://t.co/QaM1Px95VY
@saltleyacademy - 28 Apr
Saltley Academy is hosting a Grand Iftaar, which includes live performances. Please join us today at 7:20, using the link below. https://t.co/VH7PYtL92e
@saltleyacademy - 4 Apr
We are delighted to announce that our 2022 Great Oracy Exhibition this year will take place in coordination with . We are so excited to be hosting this part conference/part festival on all things oracy! Tickets are officially on sale ➡️ https://t.co/TgQA4gRc5S https://t.co/EnbcAwPERd
@saltleyacademy - 23 Mar
@saltleyacademy - 23 Mar
@saltleyacademy - 8 Mar
Useful preparation tips on the GCSE maths paper, for both parents and students. https://t.co/9VNpvXkhai
@saltleyacademy - 8 Mar
Advice for parents and carers about the dangers of WhatsApp. https://t.co/6YM8zuIRbG
@saltleyacademy - 6 Mar
Online resources regarding E-Safety for parents and carers. https://t.co/vFDWg7O3Cz
@saltleyacademy - 3 Mar
Saltley Academy pupils meeting Chris Whitty on the 25th February 2022 https://t.co/8Be3UtSjWv
@saltleyacademy - 1 Feb
Information for parents about YouTube. Please check the parents section on the website for more details. https://t.co/uKalTc4EHE
@saltleyacademy - 24 Jan
Year 11 please find the link to your teams lessons in the ‘Year 11 Live Remote Learning’ document below: https://t.co/eI6pbYE2tx
@saltleyacademy - 15 Dec
One of our ex pupils Ibrahim Suleiman who is a boxing champion (64KG). Congratulations Ibrahim, for all your achievements. https://t.co/bYgG6ztPz8
@saltleyacademy - 10 Dec
Some of our amazing students are preparing to ‘hack’ a thorny health issue in Birmingham, alongside Our feedback session will be online and virtual this Tuesday . Join us, using this link: https://t.co/0J10tpIl9r
@saltleyacademy - 4 Dec
We would like to thank all the staff and students involved in the big sleep out! Thank you for your continuous support. We have attached the link below if you wish to donate. https://t.co/DalDnyowXr https://t.co/9LeVW8xACC
@saltleyacademy - 23 Nov
In celebration of youth action week join us this Friday, 26/11, 3-4pm for a review of our youth-led Asthma, our environment, and Youth Social Action project, featuring our students alongside fr https://t.co/41bJbZjGA3 https://t.co/rV1diXPBnJ
@saltleyacademy - 12 Nov
Such a honour to spend some time with students leading on the school's new tiny forest - backed by as part of the legacy. Real leadership on the race to zero carbon from our young citizens! https://t.co/oquZe2VL4U
@saltleyacademy - 12 Nov
A primary school student who attended Saltley’s ‘Asthma day’ said ‘I want to go to Saltley Academy because I want to be a doctor.’  West B’ham is a gateway to our future NHS.  Utter Magic.  Well done, all, for making this happen. https://t.co/3ccuDG8nPn
@saltleyacademy - 10 Nov
AIRLY on the Whilst most environmental headlines concerned this last week, it's great to see Airly's sensors making a real, tangible difference in the lives of school children in at . 📺👉https://t.co/oknNZyIM0m https://t.co/RVvINbQT5E