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If you would like a place for your child at Saltley Academy, please download an "Application for a change of school In-year" at the following link: Application-for-a-change-of-school-In-year.pdf. Once completed please email it to our admissions email address with a copy of the student’s birth certificate/passport and proof of address.  

If the Academy is full in a particular group, oversubscribed criteria will be applied, and your child will be input into our waiting list. We aim to process the application within 10 days. Please contact the email below for any queries. 

Admissions email address:


Saltley Academy Admissions Policy 

The number of places available is called the Published Admission Number (PAN). The PAN for September 2023 is: 

  • Year 7 – 270 
  • Year 8 – 270 
  • Year 9 – 270 
  • Year 10 – 270 
  • Year 11 – 240 

The proposed PAN for Year 7 in 2024 is 270. 

The local authority is the admission authority for community and voluntary controlled schools. Children are admitted to schools in accordance with parental preference as far as possible. However, where there are more applications than there are places available, places at community and voluntary controlled schools will be offered based on the following order of priority: 

  • Criterion 1: Looked after children or children who were previously looked after children 
  • Criterion 2: Children (siblings) with a brother or sister already at the school who will still be in attendance at the time the child enters the school. 
  • Criterion 3: Children who live nearest the school. 


Within each of the categories above, priority is given to those who live nearest to the school. 

Full details of the Admissions policy for this school can be found below: 

School admissions | Birmingham City Council 






@saltleyacademy - 19 Jun
We absolutely LOVE when the animal man comes into school 🙌 once again bringing out the inner child in us 🐍🦎
@saltleyacademy - 20 Mar
Students in Year 10 & 11 at Saltley had the fantastic opportunity to participate in WW1 Battlefield workshops delivered by The workshops were led by David Alton and Richard Townesley - experienced historical interpreters in WW1 battlefield medicine reenactment.
@saltleyacademy - 8 Feb
Family fun day in the community
@saltleyacademy - 17 Oct
Please speak to your child’s HOH or the DSL’s if you need support with your child’s online safety.
@saltleyacademy - 5 Oct
Saltley Academy staff meeting Birmingham City Football CEO Garry Cook
@saltleyacademy - 5 Oct
Year 9 are learning about Rainforests!
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
Come and relax and leave your worries behind you here at Saltley Academy
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
Support for all here at Saltley Academy
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
Respecting the rule of law and peoples faiths at Saltley Academy
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
Creativity is the key to life!
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
‘Who dunnit’ in the English department
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
The excitement is building in PE!
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
Working hard at Saltley Academy
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
Graphics coming to life at Saltley Academy
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
The wonderful world of languages, here at Saltley Academy
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
Drones in action in ICT!
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
Our headteacher sharing his vision to our parents
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
The key to success in life
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
Science in action at Saltley Academy!
@saltleyacademy - 21 Sep
Welcome to the past (History) and the future (Geography)