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We expect high standards of school uniform. This includes: no patterns or lines cut into hair and no jewellery (apart from small stud earrings). Nail varnish and make up are not permitted.

A suitable bag (not plastic carrier and not pouch) and a school planner are also part of student’s uniform and should be carried at all times.


  • Dark navy blazer with badge

  • Black trousers

  • Plain white shirt

  • School Tie (buy at school)

  • Navy blue jumper, plain ‘V-neck

  • Prayer cap (if worn) , Plain black

  • Grey or black socks

  • Black sensible style shoes (no stripes, logos or coloured laces)

  • Plain navy (preferably) outdoor coat


  • Dark navy blazer with badge

  • Plain navy skirt (knee or calf length - not floor length)

  • Trousers/shalwar (plain Navy)

  • Plain white shirt style blouse

  • School Tie (buy at school)

  • Navy blue jumper, plain ‘V-neck

  • Headscarf (if worn) , plain black

  • Plain white or navy socks or tights

  • Black, sensible style shoes (not backless or high heels, no stripes, logos or

    coloured laces)

  • Plain navy (preferably) outdoor coat

Rules about Jewellery and Make-up

  • Only small studded earrings are allowed
  • No other jewellery is to be worn
  • Jewellery must be removed for PE lessons
  • No make-up or nail varnish allowed

In the interests of safety, particularly on stairs, skirts should not be full length.

Trousers should be tailored and smart. Jeans, leggings and skin tight trousers are not acceptable. (Samples of appropriate trousers are available in school). Ties are on sale from school.

All clothing and property should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

Note from the Governors

We believe a smart, sensible school uniform sets the standard for excellence in work, behaviour and attitude.

The following are not acceptable:-

  • extreme fashions and hair styles (eg. Mohican, purple stripes etc).

  • facial piercing – with the exception of one pair of small studs worn in the

    ear lobes. Students will be asked to remove any other items.

  • make up is not allowed.

Games and PE Kit

Students must bring the correct PE clothing on the days when they have PE or swimming. If there is a medical reason why the child is unable to take part, then a letter from the parents or doctor’s note must be brought on the day of the lesson and given to the Head of PE.

PE is a compulsory part of the school curriculum. All students are encouraged to be active and take part in physical activities as part of a healthy lifestyle.

School Uniform Suppliers

The Academy works closely with Mansuri School Wear and Clive Marks.

PE Kit


  • Plain white polo t-shirt

  • White shorts

  • White socks

  • Trainers/pumps (not black soled)

  • Swimming trunks

  • Towel for swimming

  • *Blue/black school drill top (only available from PE Dept)

  • Black shorts

  • Long black socks

  • Black football boots


  • Plain white polo t-shirt

  • Navy blue tracksuit bottoms

  • White socks

  • White trainers/pumps (not black soled)

  • Swimming costume (preferably black)

  • Towel for swimming

  • *Blue school drill top (only available from PE Dept)

  • Navy blue tracksuit

  • Black socks

  • Trainers/pumps

  • Only small studded earrings are allowed

  • No other jewellery is to be worn

  • Jewellery must be removed for PE lessons

  • No make-up or nail varnish allowed

* (available from our suppliers or student reception)


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