Our Reading Strategy

Here at Saltley Academy, we are firmly committed to developing our students reading skills both at school and at home. Some of the key planks of our reading strategy include;

At school;

  1. LRC - Our LRC is opened for our students to read during the school day. Our LRC is open during both lunch breaks and after school (as part of our homework club), in order to allow students to read for pleasure.
  2. Teacher Read Posters - Our staff promote the importance of reading to the students through displaying their Teacher Read Posters on their classroom doors or on their offices, where appropriate. Every member of staff has completed the Teacher Read template, by answering three basic questions on the latest book that they are reading, along with an image. 
  3. Accelerated Reader programme - Our Year 7 and 8 students participate in the Accelerated Reader programme with STAR TESTING, in their English lessons. Students in Year 7 and 8 have Accelerated Reader lessons once a fortnight during English Curriculum time. Students then complete STAR TESTING once a half term. Interventions are then carried out afterwards to enable all students to catch up. Reports are then generated for each class and shared with English Department teachers. Letters go home to parents/carers with regards to how their child has performed in the STAR TESTING for that half term. 
  4. Literacy Form Time Sessions - Literacy Form Time Sessions take place once a week during morning registration. Each literacy session has reading extracts/reading activities incorporated into the literacy sessions and based on the literacy focused days themes, as set out on the Literacy Across the Curriculum Learning Journey for KS3 and KS4. 

At home;

  1. Homework - Subject specific and relevant reading and comprehension homework tasks incorporated into the Year 7-11 Homework planners, where appropriate.
  2. Online Library - We have our own Saltley Academy Online Library, which enables students to access both eBooks and Audio Books and read/listen to them at home. 
  3. Reading Lists - There are age appropriate School Reading Lists, which provide guidance on the age appropriate books that parents can purchase their children to read. 

Online Library

Click here to access Saltley Academy's Online Library -

Year 7-11 Reading Lists from the School Reading List:


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Congratulations to Aston Youth Street Project and on winning the Project of the Year at the Chance to Shine Awards. Young people aged 11-15 attend Aston Youth Street Project every week.
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Alex Morris representing Saltley Academy by carrying a baton for the Commonwealth games.
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are hosting a mock parliamentary debate, debating the question: should we lower the voting age to 16?Both sides of the aisle are so fluent and convincing that there's no doubt here that the vote ahead is going to be a close call...
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"A caring school is a listening school, and so it follows that a successful school is a talking school." CEO Pete Weir welcomes attendees to Saltley Academy with a passionate mention of what oracy brings to schools!
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We would like to thank our partner in this year's , the wonderful , and in particular: all the staff who came together and supported us in hosting this year's oracy extravaganza! It's been a remarkable day of oracy and networking! Thank you!
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I've had an amazing morning talking about citizenship, equality and the future of Birmingham with students . Thanks to the school staff and trustees for arranging the visit!
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Saltley Academy is hosting a Grand Iftaar, which includes live performances.Please join us today at 7:20, using the link below.
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We are delighted to announce that our 2022 Great Oracy Exhibition this year will take place in coordination with . We are so excited to be hosting this part conference/part festival on all things oracy!Tickets are officially on sale ➡️
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