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Rights Respecting School

Rights Respecting School

Saltley Academy is a Rights Respecting School: Since 2019 Saltley Academy has been officially recognised by UNICEF as a Gold ‘Rights Aware School’. In 2016, we were the first Birmingham secondary school to receive the silver award. In summer 2021, The Academy was assessed again by UNICEF and we are extremely pleased to announce we have retained the Gold Award (one of a very few schools in the West Midlands to achieve Gold re-accreditation!).

The Gold Award means the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is central and permeates all we do.

It means that our students understand their rights and their need to respect the rights of others.

It means that we are all committed to our pledge as a learning community:

Saltley Academy is founded on the principle of all respecting the dignity and rights of each and every individual. Respectful relationships are at the core of this learning community, which will enable our young people to respect all whom they meet and to understand and develop the skills they need to embrace the responsibilities of being an outstanding learner and an active, contributing and content citizen.’

This is reflected in our assemblies, in our lessons, in our enrichment activities and every part of our Academy life to enable us to fulfil our vision and give our students the best preparation for adult life. Student Rights Ambassadors are recruited across Key stage 3 and Key stage 4, promoting the rights of students both within the Academy as well as nationally and globally.

To see the Convention, please click here to see it on the UNICEF UK website.


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