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Student Leadership

Saltley Academy has an established Student Leadership Team that consists of Prefects and Student Council Representatives. Around the Academy, we strive to act as role models for our fellow students, constantly providing them with a plethora of advice, support and guidance. There are a number of ways in which we are supporting our houses. One of the ways we do this is by leading focus groups during form time, to further help students struggling with any school work. We seek to be role-models as outstanding learners and as members of a Rights Respecting School.

Our role involves working with an amazingly supportive leadership team to ensure we can make a difference to a school that has done so much for us. We have organised and led school events. Furthermore, our role involves helping out on Parent Evenings, Open Evenings and delivering school assemblies. Just a few months ago our annual Christmas Assembly was a huge success and more recently, our ‘Comic Relief’ event led to our school raising over £1000 – this was a hugely rewarding achievement.

In life, leadership is a very important role and skill. As leaders, we believe that leadership is not about wearing a fancy tie but working hard and develop outstanding leadership skills that our Academy believes in. As part of our role being leaders, we hold regular meetings in which we meet one another in order to discuss our work. These meetings have developed our skills such as organisation, planning, minute taking and making decisions. These skills will help us now and in the future.

Prefects take on a more mature role as students, being trustworthy, honest, organised and prepared. We believe every child beholds a leader within them. The best leaders are the best followers. We are now looking to learn more about leadership with our fellow student leadership within our Multi Academy Trust.


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Moving Up! The transition to secondary school is an animation aimed to help year 7 and 6 pupils feel more confident, less anxious and better equipped to cope...
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Huge congratulations to Wasi Arshad who received confirmation that he has been elected as West Midlands Police & Crime Youth Commissioner for Birmingham EAST. This is a massive role that will benefit our pupils and all young people and their families across the West Midlands.
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Limited spaces available for our Summer School. If you wish to secure a place for your child, follow the link to complete the online registration form if you haven't already done so
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"The pictures speak for themselves! Please help our to continue and work towards a cleaner Birmingham. "
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We are excited to provide an opportunity for years 6-8 pupils to attend a week of exciting activities free of charge! To secure a place to attend the summer school (Thursday 22nd July - Wednesday 28th July) please complete the sign-up form. For more info
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A great start to our . Students and staff have made fantastic progress, check out the pictures. Let's continue to help make our community be a safer and cleaner place to live in. WE NEED YOU!
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We welcome students, staff and parents to help with our . This exciting project is an ongoing campaign to help make our community be a safer and cleaner place to live in. WE NEED YOU!
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Are you interested to know more about the Parenting Intervention affective disorders in high-risk adolescents 'PiPA' Trial? Professor Andy Thompson, Chief Investigator, tells you all about it on the link below-
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