Year 9 Connections Project

What is the Year 9 Connections Project? 

The Connections Project will allow Year 9 students to continue to study subjects that they are eligible to stop studying at the end of Year 8 in Year 9, through links to core subjects. Every half term, students will complete a connections project in a printed out Year 9 Connections Project booklet at home. Each connections project will cover an area of a non core subject from their KS3 curriculum, that is not covered in as much depth. It will be then linked to a KS4 core subject for content that they are currently teaching. This will then be assessed and monitored by the core subject classroom teacher, using our latest feedback strategies - e.g. live marking, whole class feedback, peer and self assessment, dialogic marking and comparative marking etc.


Students will complete the following Year 9 Connections Projects during the academic year - 1 per half term;  

  • Autumn Term One - Computing and Design and Technology
  • Autumn Term Two - English and Drama 
  • Spring Term One - Citizenship and History
  • Spring Term Two - Maths and Geography
  • Summer Term One - Religious Education and Art 
  • Summer Term Two - Science and Music